The links within this category include models, guides, and best practices that are integral to the market research process. Consider using this information as you research the potential of your program and course ideas.


Market Research Questions Worksheet

Needs Analysis Worksheet     

These worksheets are designed to help you narrow your focus and to ask the right questions during your market research.  “Market Research Questions Worksheet” is more general and geared toward just about any user, including users who have not developed concrete ideas for program development. The “Needs Analysis Worksheet” is more specific and is intended for users with a definite idea in mind (it is also the information we will ask you to provide if you apply to partner with the School of Extended Learning). Many of the resources from which you can find these answers are located within this website.

  SWOT Analysis Worksheet

SWOT stands for, “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats”. This is a powerful tool that can help you evaluate your present situation as well as assist you with strategic planning within your department. It is recommended that you complete the S.W.O.T. worksheet in conjunction with the following YouTube video: SWOT Analysis: How To Perform One For Your Organization

Strategic Planning Worksheet  

This worksheet is designed to help your department strategically plan and develop a new course or program within a specific time frame. It is recommended that you complete this worksheet in conjunction with the following YouTube video: SWOT Analysis: How to Set SMART Goals

  Program Viability Table

In academia, history has shown that, more often than not, those tasked with program development are often unaware of and underprepared for the endeavor. The amount of preparation and planning that goes into this process can be substantial.  Often, the time and attention required to develop something of quality is underestimated, and as a result, panic sets in and too quickly the focus shifts to the bottom line. As a result, the program or course is not as strong as it should be, decreasing the likelihood for long-term success. The Program Viability Table includes some ideas you should consider during the development and maintenance stages of your program or course.

  Developing a Predictive Model  

How can you ensure program success? Though every program is different, this predictive modeling process, which was inspired by the messages from the following YouTube video, might provide some guidance: Following the Leader is a Huge Mistake