Please take advantage of the following resources if, based on your market research, you would like to move forward in the development process of a new program or course:

  1. Academic and Student Affairs – Academic Program Unit The Academic Programs Unit is a work group within Academic and Student Affairs division of the system office. It is charged with providing system leadership and support for academic program policy, approval, and review.
  2. Academic Affairs – Undergraduate Curriculum Processes and Procedures
  3. Academic Affairs – Graduate Curriculum
  4. Academic Program Resources This site provides information related to selected academic program activities in theMinnesota State Colleges and Universities System.
  5. The Curriculum Data System – This website includes rules for credit-bearing courses and certificates, additional rules from a Human Resources perspective, and other helpful MNSU data.
  6. Forms for Program Curriculum Proposal: PSM – CDS Empty Form – New Program or the PSM – CDS Empty Form – New Related ProgramNot sure which form to use? Click here: Instructions- Which Form? New or Redesign?
  7. You might also want to consider partnering with the College of Extended Learning. Fill out the Partnership Request Form today to get started.